MEDUMAT Standard²: Your Vital Ally for Emergency and Transport Ventilation

The MEDUMAT Standard² is a state-of-the-art emergency and transport ventilator, designed to respond effectively to critical ventilation needs in emergency situations. Its sturdiness and ease of use make it an essential piece of equipment, acclaimed by emergency professionals around the world.

Adapted and safe ventilation

This advanced device provides controlled and assisted ventilation, offering the essential ventilatory modes for all types of emergency intervention. Whether for immediate respiratory assistance or ventilatory support during transport, the MEDUMAT Standard² ensures flawless performance.

Flexibility and customisation

Thanks to the possibility of integrating additional functions such as CPAP treatment, MEDUMAT Standard² is perfectly suited to a variety of clinical scenarios. Adding functional modules expands its capabilities, providing a complete solution for patient treatment and respiratory support.

Intuitive design

The MEDUMAT Standard² control panel, with its colour-coded system, has been meticulously designed to simplify the setting of ventilatory parameters. This intuitive approach ensures that ventilation modes can be implemented quickly and accurately, crucial in emergency situations.

A trusted choice for critical situations

With its ventilation modes optimised for emergencies, the MEDUMAT Standard² is the preferred choice of professionals wishing to provide high-quality respiratory assistance. Its worldwide reputation among first-aiders underlines its effectiveness and reliability in critical situations.

The MEDUMAT Standard² represents excellence in emergency ventilation and transport, combining innovation, safety and ease of use to save lives in all circumstances.