We are proud to announce the strategic expansion of IBSGROUPE with the creation of our new subsidiary: IBS SENEGAL. This initiative marks a significant milestone in our quest for growth and an enhanced presence on the African continent, particularly in a dynamic and burgeoning country like Senegal.

Strengthening Our Presence in Africa

The opening of IBS SENEGAL is the result of a thoughtful strategy aimed at expanding our footprint and seizing the unique opportunities offered by the Senegalese market. By establishing a branch in the heart of this country, IBSGROUPE intends to play a key role in developing sectors and actively contribute to the local economy.

Strategic Objectives and Benefits

The creation of IBS SENEGAL pursues several strategic goals essential for our group:

  • Consolidation of Strategic Interests: Positioning IBSGROUPE as a major player in key industries in Senegal, aligning our activities with the needs and development ambitions of the country.
  • Optimization of the Tax Framework: Leveraging the tax benefits offered by Senegal to optimize our overall financial structure, thus contributing to the economic efficiency of our group.
  • Economies of Scale: Through this expansion, IBSGROUPE aims to achieve significant economies of scale, improving our competitiveness and our ability to offer high-quality services and products at competitive prices.
  • Structuring of the Group: IBS SENEGAL will play a key role in the structuring and organization of our group of companies, allowing for smoother and more integrated management of our activities on an international scale.

Commitment to Local Development

Beyond strategic and economic benefits, IBSGROUPE is committed to positively contributing to the development of Senegal. We plan to work closely with local actors, institutions, and communities to support sustainable initiatives that promote growth and improve living conditions in Senegal.

Towards a Promising Future

The opening of IBS SENEGAL is an exciting step for IBSGROUPE. We are convinced that this new subsidiary will not only help us achieve our business objectives but also play a positive role in the economic and social development of Senegal.

We look forward to building strong and lasting relationships with our partners and clients in Senegal, and we commit to offering the excellence and innovation that IBSGROUPE is known for.

Stay connected to follow our progress and future projects in Senegal and beyond.