IBSGROUPE LTD is firmly committed through its commercial policy to play a major role in the complete restructuring of the fields of consultancy, management, sales offer, supply and technical assistance. We achieve this through our Internet portal (https://ibsgroupe.com) and our extensive direct and indirect distribution network, which includes our branches and distributors. Our aim is to contribute fully to the fight against illicit sales networks for medical and paramedical equipment, devices and other essential equipment.

Our approach is characterised by offering high-quality products and services to our customers, branches and partners, while focusing on improving skills and adapting to new market needs.

Our core values can be summed up in four words: SDEC (Simplicity – Availability – Efficiency – Competitiveness).

Simplicity: We are committed to making the process transparent and fast, making it easy to order our products and services immediately via our website or by e-mail.
Availability: We ensure 24/7 availability for the support and maintenance of medical and IT equipment, thereby building customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Efficiency: Our highly competent functional, technical and commercial team ensures optimum management of relations with our customers, suppliers and partners.
Competitiveness: We are committed to offering our customers and partners a range of high-quality medical devices and a selection of cutting-edge medical and IT equipment from market leaders, all at highly competitive acquisition costs, in order to maintain our leading position in terms of quality, cost and on-time delivery.
To conquer the European and African markets targeted by IBSGROUPE LTD, a clear, reliable and ambitious strategy is required: to be recognised under our brand identity, IBS*.

IBS* stands for Informatique Business Solutions GROUPE.