IBSGROUPE LTD undertakes through its commercial policy to make, through its Internet portal (https://ibsgroupe.com), and its direct and indirect sales network (branches, distributors), its contribution to a major and global restructuring advice, management, sales offer, supply and technical assistance. It is thus fully part of the fight against illicit sales networks of equipment, medical and paramedical devices and equipment.
Our approach makes it possible to offer our customers, our branches and our partners our quality products and services, as well as an optimization of skills, and an increase in technicality by opening up to new needs (market).

Our values are defined in 4 words: SDEC (simplicity – availability – efficiency – competitiveness).

– Simplicity: Our various services ensure transparency and rapid processing of information, thus facilitating the immediate handling of any order made by our customers or partners on our website or by email.

– Availability: On the support and maintenance of medical and IT equipment, we operate 24/7 online and thus develop a relationship of loyalty and customer satisfaction.

– Efficiency: the level of competence of our functional, technical and commercial teams is the guarantee of better management of customer/supplier and partner relationships.

– Competitiveness: For our customers and partners, it corresponds to the provision of a range of high-quality medical devices, a range of medical and IT equipment with new technologies from manufacturers on the market, and these to acquisition costs at the best price in order to be the most competitive in this segment in terms of quality, costs and compliance with delivery times.

To adapt to the European and African markets targeted by IBSGROUPE LTD, a clear, reliable and winning strategy is required: to have our brand identity recognized: IBS*.

IBS*: IT Business Solutions.