Hilux Dental Chair and Equipment by Bader

The Hilux Dental Chair and Equipment by Bader are designed to offer an optimal experience for dentists and their patients, combining safety, warranty, and superior quality. They meet modern requirements, including amalgam separation regulations, and are available in various colors to fit perfectly into any dental office.

Dentist’s Tray:

  • Control: Touchpad for easy function control.
  • Syringe: Triple spray of water and air.
  • Programming: Programmable positions for improved ergonomics.
  • Tubes: 2 Drive air midwest 6 with LED and 1 tube with pneumatic micromotor.
  • Scaler: Ultrasonic with LED, compatible with EMS/Satelec.
  • Colibri System: With 5 posts in series for efficient organization.

Assistant’s Tray:

  • Accessibility: Rotating tray, towel and cup dispenser for ease of use.
  • Instruments: Includes an LED curing light and 2 suction tubes.
  • Spittoon: Adjustable porcelain for increased patient comfort.

Hydraulic Group:

  • Filtration: Water, sediment, and main suction filters of the Durr type for impeccable hygiene.
  • Water Heater: Integrated, keeps water at 40ºC for patient comfort.
  • Reservoir: 1-liter distilled water, suitable for wet ring suction.

Chair Composition:

  • Safety: System limiting movements when using instruments.
  • Multifunctional Pedal: Total control over water, equipment position, and chair movements via joystick.
  • LED Lamp: 8000-36000Lx, with four lighting modes to suit each treatment.
  • Ergonomics: Fully compensated articulated arm and adjustable headrest, suitable for all patients, including children and people with reduced mobility.
  • Comfort: High-density foam and viscoelastic padding, seamless for easy cleaning.

Additional Benefits:

  • FREE cup holder and towel holder included.

Warranty: 2 years, ensuring worry-free and long-lasting use.

Ref.: HILUX02