B-Leuko Leukocyte Reduction Filter

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  • One or two units of erythrocyte suspension for bedside filtration
  • Bedside and laboratory product options
  • Bedside air outlet product option
  • Clinically proven filtration technology
  • Non-woven polyester
  • Excellent wetting properties
  • High degree of biocompatibility
  • Rapid filling without the use of saline
  • Transparent polycarbonate body
  • High efficiency leucocyte filtration (Filtration performance <2×105)
  • Low erythrocyte loss rate (Erythrocyte recovery rate is over 90%)
  • Low filling volume
  • Filtration time: approximately 15 minutes for one unit of erythrocyte suspension.
  • Latex-free

Ref: 157 0010 1