Birthing bed LM-01.4

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This delivery bed is stable and comfortable.

The Famed LM-01.4 delivery bed is designed for patients in obstetrics and gynaecology departments who give birth during the prenatal, puerperal and postpartum periods. The delivery bed can be easily converted into a chair for a comfortable position during childbirth. The compact design is also suitable for smaller facilities. Famed LM-01.4 offers continuous, reliable operation thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery.


The bed can be controlled from the panels mounted in the side railings (adjusting the height, backrest, activating/deactivating the lamp, activating the alarm). The central panel or foot control can provide additional functionality. The backrest is released using the easy-to-use CPR lever.


The guardrails are made of plastic, with polyurethane anti-slip protection at the top. The guardrails are stable enough to support the back and can be lowered at any time. The alarm module can be connected to the hospital’s alarm system.


The delivery bed comes with a set of mattresses in a choice of colours – two mattresses for the base and one mattress for the newborn. In addition to the standard equipment, you’ll also find footrests, armrests, WS-05.6 kneerests and a stainless steel basin.


Length 2170 mm | Overall width 1080 mm | Minimum height 615 mm | Maximum height 985 mm | Backrest angle 70°kg

Femoral segment adjustment 17° | Trendelenburg position 12° | Anti-Trendelenburg position 5° | Maximum load 230 kg

Technical Data

Ref: IBSCG2065