Video Diamond laryngoscope

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The Penlon Diamond video laryngoscope is a truly remarkable piece of medical equipment.

Featuring a mobile 3.5-inch colour touch screen, it offers an intuitive interface for convenient use. Its ergonomic handle with integrated image/video capture button makes it easy to handle, while the high-quality camera ensures accurate, detailed viewing.

This device is not only high-performance, but also focuses on safety and hygiene. The Macintosh single-use blades are specially designed to reduce the risk of infection, offering optimum protection for patients and practitioners. A variety of blades are available to meet different clinical needs, including a special blade for delicate intubations, improving the accuracy and efficiency of procedures.

What’s more, the instant anti-fogging technology common to all blades is a considerable asset. This innovative feature eliminates the need to preheat the blades before use, enabling rapid and fluid intervention in critical situations.

  • Type of video endoscope: video laryngoscope
  • Patient type: paediatric
  • Optics: high definition
  • Options: with blade
  • Angle of curvature: 140°, 270
    Ref : IBS0V1