Cardio M-PC – Portable cardiology PC

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The ME Diagnostics Center is based on the ME Diagnostics Center software in combination with the powerful 12-channel M-PC / USB Cardio ECG.

12-channel resting ECG with measurement and interpretation
Emergency ECG
Heart rate variability
Arrhythmia detection
Exercise ECG with ST-segment monitoring and control, ergometers, treadmills and blood pressure monitors
Mobile ECG (in connection with a laptop)
Expandable at any time (e.g. spirometry, long-term RR, etc.)
Patient data transfer via GDT – BDT or HL7
Easy export of records in HTML or PDF format
The ME Diagnostics Center software stores and manages patient data and records, and in addition to providing network access to all data, enables data exchange with physician or hospital information systems via a GDT or HL7 interface.

Other diagnostic devices, such as spirometers or long-term blood pressure monitors, can be connected at any time.

The Cardio M-PC system can also be used as a mobile ECG on the ward or during a home visit, in conjunction with a laptop PC.

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Ref : IBSLTD73