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Roche Diagnostics

The cobas® c 111 is a continuous random access analyser designed for the in vitro determination of clinical chemistry and electrolyte parameters in fluid samples (serum, plasma, urine and whole blood (HbA1c)). It is optimised to handle relatively small workloads (around 30 samples per day). It uses photometric analysis and includes an optional ion-selective electrode (ISE) module.
In vitro diagnostic medical device.
A compact system for essential tests
The cobas c 111 analyser is designed for laboratories with a small number of samples to process, and can be used to assay the main analytes used in clinical chemistry.

Features worthy of the largest systems
Photometric measurements over 12 wavelengths, up to 60 results per hour, optional ISE with up to 180 results per hour.
Extended range of tests (including HbA1c on whole blood, D-dimers, ultrasensitive CRP)
Up to 17 tests can be performed simultaneously, covering a wide range of indications.
Ease of use
Continuous loading/unloading of tubes (5, 7, 10 ml or wells) and reaction cuvettes.
Intuitive, easy-to-use user interface.
Reduced, automated daily maintenance.
Consistent results
Results correlated with other systems in the Roche range thanks to the use of the same reagents and thermostatic storage on board the analyser.
Integrated sample level detection
Compact bench-top unit that can be connected to the various LIS systems.
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Warranty: 1 year parts and labour

Ref: IBSCG1770