Cobas® e411

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Roche Diagnostics

Cobas e pack for easy reagent handling
– Ready-to-use liquid reagents in the cobas e pack
– All reagent components in one cassette
– Error-free reagent handling thanks to two-dimensional barcode (programming by loading)
– Automatic open/close for long storage periods
Extensive menu of parameters with quality reagents
– Electrochemiluminescence technology with high sensitivity, wide measurement ranges and reduced analysis times (9 or 18 minutes)
– Over 90 parameters available
– Long reagent stability
– Long calibration stability
– Main calibration on packaging barcode
– Up to 86 analyses per hour
Innovative safety features
– No sample-to-sample contamination thanks to single-use pipette tips for sample pipetting
– Reliable results thanks to clot and air bubble detection
Dimensions – Length x Depth x Height:
Disc version: 120 x 73 x 80 cm
Rack version: 170 x 95 x 80 cm
Protective cover opening width: 29 cm
– Disc version: 180 kg
– Rack version: 250 kg

Price includes all installation components.

Warranty: 2 years

Technical sheet

Ref: IBSCG1771

Also available reconditioned with a 6-month parts & labour warranty.