Deluxe Dialysis Innovation couch

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Deluxe Innovation Dialysis couch – Electric

This couch has been designed for use in specialized renal dialysis environments. It features an auto-electric resuscitation system, all-electric profiling and a two-way tilting device to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Electric height from 47 cm to 97 cm.
  • Electric Trendelenburg tilt of -/+15°.
  • Electric profiled backrest angle from 0˚ to +80°.
  • Electric footrest angle from +10° to -35°.
  • Safe working load and 250Kg lifting capacity.
  • Auto-electric CPR function via handset.
  • Vertical lift design to minimize space and provide maximum stability in all profiling positions.
  • Smooth base cover minimizes dirt traps and facilitates cleaning.
  • Antibacterial powder-coated frame and base cover.
  • Standard padding width of 70 cm.
  • Free space under frame for mobile hoist.
  • Multi-adjustable armrests for patient comfort.
  • Adjustable padded footboard for patient comfort.
  • Independently locking wheels (also available with central locking).

Other options available:

  • Central locking.
  • Independent locking.

Technical data

Réf. MG3690

Warranty: 2 years