Dental Chair Flex Up Compact

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Electropneumatic Dental Chair Flex Up Compact

Discover the Flex Up Compact dental chair from Bader, a blend of technology and comfort for dental professionals. Equipped with programmable memories, an induction micromotor, and Luzzani type syringes, it is designed to provide an optimal experience for both the practitioner and the patient.


  • Dentist’s Tray: Features a colibri system with 5 slots and a touchpad for programming work positions.
  • Illumination: Includes 2 Drive Air Midwest 6 tubes with LED and an LED curing light.
  • Syringe: Luzzani Minilight with triple function.
  • Micromotor: Induction BAADER M140 with LED.
  • Ultrasonic Scaler: With LED, compatible with EMS/Satelec.
  • Comfort: Pneumatic brake, double articulation headrest, and silicone hose rests.
  • Hygiene and Safety: Constant 40ºC water heater, Tecnomed Italy filters, active and passive safety system.
  • Assistant: Rotating tray with a 3-function syringe and chair movement control.


  • Ergonomics: Designed to reduce practitioner fatigue and maximize patient comfort.
  • Versatility: Suitable for all types of treatments with advanced settings and features.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simplified access to components for quick maintenance.


  • Varied Colors: Matches the style of the dental office.
  • Upholstery: Easy to clean, with viscoelastic comfort.


  • Matching stool, multifunctional pedal, double distilled water bottle.

Warranty: 2 years

Ref.: BADFD04

The Flex Up Compact dental chair by Bader is the perfect choice for dental professionals seeking to combine patient comfort, ergonomic working conditions, and compliance with the highest hygiene standards.