Digital capillaroscope (complete kit)

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Introducing the Optilia Digital Capillaroscope Extensive Kit, a breakthrough in capillary diagnostics that combines cutting-edge technology with unprecedented mobility. Designed around Optilia’s renowned portable microscopy platform, this all-in-one system is the ultimate solution for healthcare professionals who demand accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency.

Advanced Technology for Precise Diagnostics
The Optilia Digital Capillaroscope Extensive Kit is equipped with a powerful and user-friendly interface, enabling effortless documentation, analysis, and tracking of patient examinations. Its ability to deliver sharp, detailed, high-resolution images with true color reproduction ensures precise examination of capillaries, avascular areas, micro-hemorrhages, and more.

Designed for Mobility and Clarity
This comprehensive kit has been specifically developed to meet the needs of physicians on the move, offering a complete solution for the capillaroscopy workstation. Ideal for settings requiring a robust stationary PC and a larger screen, it guarantees optimal image viewing in a compact space of just 70×70 centimeters.

OptiPix Capillaroscopy Software: Power and Simplicity
At the heart of this system, the OptiPix Capillaroscopy software features a rich and accessible interface for comprehensive case management. It allows for direct and effective comparison between new and previous images, side by side, or even between historical images and live video. This unique feature provides a reliable comparison method, where even the slightest capillary variations can be detected and accurately tracked.

An Essential Asset for Healthcare Professionals
The Optilia Digital Capillaroscope Extensive Kit is more than a diagnostic tool; it is an indispensable partner for healthcare professionals striving for excellence in their practice. Its combination of advanced technology, ease of use, and mobility makes it a critical solution for the precise diagnosis and tracking of capillary pathologies.

Invest in the future of capillaroscopy with the Optilia Extensive Kit and transform your diagnostic approach with unmatched precision, clarity, and flexibility.

Included items:

  • Mediscope Digital, Video microscope
  • 200x lens with LED illumination and non-contact adapter
  • 100x lens with LED illumination and non-contact adapter
  • Immersion fluid contact adapter for 200x lens
  • Immersion fluid contact adapter for 100x lens
  • Immersion oil dropper
  • OptiPix Capillaroscopy Clinic: NVC examination with Patient database for journal, follow-up and reporting
  • Annual service and support for Optipix, one year
  • Image capture foot-switch for Mediscope with OptiPix
  • Non-contact CAP Stand with XY-stage
  • Desk-top holder for Medicsope
  • Aluminum transport case
  • Laptop installed and ready for use
  • Mobile ergonomic workstation
  • 24 inch FHD monitor
  • USB HUB for extra USB connections
  • Keyboard and mouse

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Ref : IBSLTD118