Digital Doppler – P25 EXP colour ultrasound

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The Digital Colour Doppler is much more than just an ultrasound system. It embodies excellence and performance in the medical field, offering remarkable image quality that transcends expectations. Featuring a 19-inch LCD screen with full-screen mode and dual viewing, it allows detailed and exhaustive observation of the clinical picture, revealing even the smallest details for more accurate and informed diagnoses.

Its versatility is unrivalled thanks to a comprehensive selection of multi-frequency probes, offering exceptional performance with frequencies up to 16 MHz. This diversity guarantees optimum adaptability in a wide range of fields, including general imaging, obstetrics, gynaecology, shared services and small rooms.

Over and above its technical capabilities, this system ensures an efficient workflow, enabling fluid and intuitive use for healthcare professionals. In short, Digital Colour Doppler redefines the standards in medical imaging, offering inestimable value and unrivalled efficiency for accurate and comprehensive diagnoses.


  • Convex probe MODEL: PB-3CA, 1.0-7.0MHz/ R50mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Linear probe MODEL: PB- L742, 4-16MHz/ 38mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Endocavity MODEL: PB-6V3 , 3-15MHz/ R10mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • 4D convex probe MODEL: PB-VC6-2, 2-7.0 MHz/R40mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Phased probe MODEL: PB-2P1, 1-6MHz BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Micro-convex probe PB-C613, 4-13 MHz/ R14mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Linear probe MODEL: PB-L741, 4-16 MHz/ 46mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Linear probe MODEL: PB-L752, 4-16MHz/ 52mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Convex probe MODEL: PB-C344, 2-6.8MHz/ R40mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Convex probe MODEL: PB-C353, 2-6.8MHz/ R55mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Convex probe MODEL: PB-C322, 2-6.8 MHz/ R20mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Endocavity array probe MODEL: PB-6V3A (3-15MHz/ R10mm) BRAND:
  • Endocavity Model: PB-6V7, 3-15MHz/ R10mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Endocavity MODEL: PB-6V1A, 3-15MHz/ R11mm (+ Vaginal Dilator: EDVS) BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Transrectal EC9-5 (Urology), 3-15 MHz/ R8mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Linear Probe MODEL: PB-10I2, 4-16 MHz/ 25mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Linear probe for laparoscope MODEL: PB-LAP7, 6-16MHz/ 40mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Phased Array Probe MODEL: PB-5P1, 3-9MHz BRAND: MEDISONO
  • CWD 2.0 MODEL: PB-CWD 2.0 (cardiac, transcranial), 2.0MHz BRAND: MEDISONO
  • CWD 5.0 MODEL: PB-CWD 5.0 (cardiac, transcranial), 5.0MHz BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Biplane MODEL PB- BCC9-5, 3-15 MHz/ R10mm BRAND: MEDISONS
    Warranty: 1 year + 1 year extended warranty IBSGROUPE

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