Digital mammography Xenox S200

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Full-field digital mammography system

The Xenox S200 is an advanced system that can be configured for any type of digital mammography examination, including tomosynthesis, and can be upgraded with stereotactic biopsy techniques in tomography and contrast mammography. The motorized isocentric C-arm ensures fast, accurate workflow.

High performance
The XENOX S200 is at the cutting edge of analog breast imaging technology, offering the best patient care at the most cost-effective price. It is a completely self-contained mammography unit, enabling doctors to obtain high-quality images while speeding up patient treatment. It is equally suited to all in-depth breast studies and to screening programs carried out with the utmost precision. Excellent imaging technology combined with a modern, ergonomic, high-performance concept improve efficiency and raise the standard of care.


a-Si indirect conversion technology for excellent quality and low doses
Optional direct conversion detector, 24x30cm format
Automatic collimation and filtration depending on the compression paddle installed
Isocentric hoop
Fully motorized movement
Auxiliary display indicating compression force, angle of rotation of C-arm, thickness of compressed breast, laterality, projection, ACR prefixes and suffixes
OPTIONAL GEOMETRIC ENLARGEMENT DEVICE with x1.5/x2 or x1.8 fixed variable
Tube thermal unit display and active protection
Generator with kV control loop and feedforward compensation
Two backlit 7″ color LED touch screens on either side of the hoop.
Microprocessor-controlled technology with unique safety features
Technical display for self-test and faulty block identification, firmware release, exposure counter and date/time of last exposure
Diagnostic functions such as selectable service functions on LCD screen for hardware testing of each individual board with input status display, individual status display and on/off function
Carbon fiber top cover
Interactive microprocessor control panel with graphic display User messages in multiple languages selectable during installation
Automatic exposure control (AEC) selects the best technique according to the effective breast density assessed by pre-exposure
Dose calculator
Specific compression paddles for Tomo examinations (24×30 cm format)
Motorized or manual paddle movement with precise double-dial adjustment
Compression paddle lowering speed decreases in proportion to breast compression for gentle compression
Maximum compression force safety device
Compression paddle release after exposure selectable from automatic or manual control panel for two-dimensional biopsy
Acquisition console with 21.3″ 2 MP color display (3MP optional)
Transparent anti-X barrier for operator protection (Pb equivalence>0.34 mm at 35 kV)
Full DICOM 3.0 MG with IHE compliance
Local patient information database with 25,000 stored images
QC tools based on EUREF protocol

Indirect conversion detection technology
a-Si TFT + PIN photodiode range
Optional direct-conversion full-field flat-panel detector
FPD technology: Amorphous selenium (a-Se)
Generator output power 7.4 kW (@ 37 kV)
kV range 20/35 kV (20/49 kV optional)
Resolution kV (“Man & Auto” mode) 0.5 kV
Minimum current time 1 mAs
Maximum value in mAs 640
mAs resolution (Automatic) 0.1 mAs
Exposure time 02/4.7 s (automatic selection based on selected mAs)
Safety timer 10s
Automatic collimator 18×24 cm/24×30 cm/10×24 for magnification
Automatic filtering (Rh/Ag/Al)
240×128-dot LCD graphic display
Automatic exposure control (AEC)
Motorized vertical movements
Motorized rotation
+/- 15° rotation for biopsy procedure
Vertical movement range (from ground) from 54 to 145 cm (91 cm stroke)
C-arm rotation range +/- 180
C-arm rotation speed in motorized version 20°/s with acceleration and deceleration ramp
Standard compression vane 18×24/24×30 for normal breasts
Optional compression paddle: 8×24 cm with lateral displacement for normal breasts, 9×21 cm straight for enlargement, Φ7.5 cm offset for contact examination and 18×24 cm offset for two-dimensional biopsy
Optional kit for geometric magnification (factor 1.5x and 2x)
Removable “Potter-Bucky” with anti-diffusion grid (6:1 ratio, 36 lp/cm)
Adjustable compression force from 70 to 200 N
The acquisition station is equipped with an integrated workstation with transparent X-ray protection barrier for the operator, acquisition software, 21.3″ 2MP color display (3MP optional)
Dicom 3.0 connectivity
Optional accessory device for stereotactic biopsy
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor

Technical data

Ref. IBSLTD161