Emergency trolley EOLIS® 600 x 400

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EOLIS® emergency trolley, 600 x 400, fitted

Lightweight, robust and silent trolley for use in emergencies. Smooth surfaces for fast, optimum cleaning. Trays resistant to all disinfectants commonly used in hospitals.

Fully modular 600×400 trolley, compatible with all our other products in the Eolis® 600×400 range (trolleys, work surfaces, shelving, traffic trolleys, etc.).

Eolis® modular emergency trolley – 600×400

Product selected by UGAP equipped with :

  • ABS top tray with 3-sided edges
  • Central locking with seal
  • ABS sides and bottom – choice of 7 colours
  • ABS bumper base
  • Height-adjustable handlebars
  • 4 Ø125mm wheels, 2 with brakes
  • Composite drawers with handle, fitted with 2 safety stops
    – 1 composite drawer, 1 module (H. 63mm useful – 73mm overall)
    – 3 composite drawers, 2 modules (H. 140mm useful – 149mm overall)
    – 1 x 3-module composite drawer (H. 215mm usable – 226mm overall)
    > Drawer width: 560mm useful – 600mm overall
    > Drawer depth: 360mm useful – 400mm overall
    Composite drawers on telescopic runners – 105% pull-out also available as an option.
    Equipped with

Serum rod, defibrillator holder, oxygen canister holder,
a cardiac massage board, 2 height-adjustable standard rails and a label holder on each drawer (labels optional).
Numerous options available: waste bag holder, probe holders, separation kits for numbered sealed drawers, power strip, needle collector holder, etc.

Warranty: 2 years against manufacturing defects

Ref: IBSLTD185