Erba XL 200 with ISE

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Erba Diagnostic

The XL 200 is a fully automated, random-access, discrete clinical chemistry analyzer that improves productivity and turnaround times. It has a capacity of 200 photometric tests per hour and 400 tests per hour with the optional ISE. With the introduction of the XL 200, biochemistry automation is now within reach of all clinical laboratories. Its proven, robust hardware and range of intelligent features make it an ideal choice for start-up, medium-sized and advanced laboratories. The system is intelligent, practical and user-friendly.

Product features :

Compact, space-saving benchtop analyzer
Clot detection function takes sample integrity to the next level.
Fully automated random-access clinical chemistry analyzer
Permanent hard glass cuvettes reduce operating costs and minimize downtime.
Advanced 8-step on-board washing prevents sample-to-sample and reagent-to-reagent transfer and contamination.
Flexibility to introduce STAT samples at any time
User-defined reflex tests.
User-friendly Windows-based software with graphical touch-screen interface.
Intelligent remote service support using IoT to report errors and ensure rapid service.
Product applications

Routine chemistry analysis: LFT, KFT, lipids, diabetic profile, ions, anemia profile, many other parameters available with controls and calibrators.
Special chemistry: HbA1c, Iron, UIBC, Ferritin, RF, CRP, ASO, MAL, Glucose with Hexokinase method.

Technical specifications

Throughput: 200 photometric tests/hour and 400 tests/hour with ISE (optional)
Reagent positions: 50 cooled reagent positions
Sample type: whole blood, serum, plasma, urine, CSF other
Reading volume: 180 µl
Sample volume: 2-70 µl (adjustable in 0.1 µl steps) with clot detection and Reflex test
Reagent volume: 10-300 µl (adjustable in 1 µl)
Light source: Halogen lamp
On-board cleaning: 6-step cleaning, 2-step drying with cuvette validation step
Calibration type: Linear, non-linear, multi-point
Programmable parameters: Default system parameters + up to 10% user-defined parameters
Device dimensions: 810 (W) x 800 (D) 810 (W) x 800 (D) x 600 (H) mm
Weight: Approx. 120 kg

Warranty: 2 years parts & labor
Technical data