Erba XL 640 with ISE

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Erba Diagnostic

The XL-640 with CRS is a fully automated, patient-priority, discrete, random-access clinical chemistry analyser with automatic loader, designed to meet the needs of today’s modern, high-workload clinical laboratories. Once the samples have been loaded, it is a fully autonomous system. The XL 640 CRS is designed to run smoothly over the long term and deliver consistent quality reports.

Product features:

Capacity of 400 tests/hour (photometric) and 640 tests/hour with ISE
56 reagent positions with integrated reagent cooling
162 sample positions with /Autoloader
Separate probes for R1 & R2 reagents and dedicated sample probe
Clot detection for sample probe, reflex test and serum index identification
72 permanent hard glass cuvettes with on-board lye
Automatic dilution for highly abnormal samples and automatic restart function
Extensive quality control programmes with Levy-Jennings curve and quality control rules. Automatic calculation of mean, standard deviation and CV
Direct loading of primary tubes
User-friendly touch-screen interface with two-way connectivity.
Product applications

Routine chemistry: LFT, KFT, Lipids, Diabetic profile, Ions, Anemia profile, many other parameters available with controls and calibrators.
Special chemistry: HbA1c, Iron, UIBC, Ferritin, RF, CRP, ASO, MAL, Glucose with Hexokinase method.

System type: Discrete, random access, patient-priority, automated clinical chemistry analyser with automatic loader.
Capacity: 400 photometric tests/hour and 640 tests/hour with ISE (*ISE optional with Na, K, Cl, Li)
Analysis methods: 1 point, 2 points, rate A, rate B, direct potentiometry (optional)
Barcode reader: for samples and reagents (optional)
Reaction tray: 72 hard glass cuvettes
Reaction mixing : Variable-speed double shaker
Reading volume: 180 µl
On-board cleaning: 6-step cleaning, 2-step drying
Photometer: Multi-wavelength diffraction grating with 12 wavelengths (340, 376, 415, 450, 480, 505, 546, 570, 600, 660, 700 & 750 nm)
Outer diameter range: 0 – 3.0
Light source: Halogen lamp
Detector: Silicon photodiodes
Water consumption: < 14 litres/hour
Programmable parameters: Default system parameters + up to 99 user-defined parameters, unlimited profiles and unlimited calculation elements.
Quality control: Q.C. plot data with Q.C. rules. Possibility of laboratory averaging. Dual plot.
Calibration: K-factor, linear (1,2-point and multi-point) 4P and 5P logit-log, cubic spline, exponential, polynomial. On-board serial dilution for calibrator.
Power supply :
AC 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz or
AC 110 V ± 10%, 60 Hz
Power consumption: 800 VA
Dimensions : Approx. 897 mm (W) x 65 mm (D) : Approx. 897 mm (W) x 655 mm (D) x 1170 mm (H)
Weight : approx. 200 kg : approx. 200 kg
Sample handling
Sample: Serum, plasma, urine, CSF, whole blood, other
Sample unit: up to 162 positions for samples/STAT/calibrator/controls with Autoloader
Sample pipetting: 2-70 µl (adjustable in 0.1 µl steps) for biochemistry, fixed 70 µl for ISE capacitive probe with liquid level detection and vertical obstruction detection, clot detection, serum indices and reflex test.
Automatic repeat: repeat with same volume, increase and decrease volume (up to 1:150)
Sampling tubes/cups: 5ml, 7ml and 10ml primary tubes and sampling cups.
Reagent handling
Reagent tray: 56 reagent positions with built-in cooling
Reagent pipetting:
R1: 60 – 300 µl (adjustable in 1 µl steps)
R2: 0 or 10 – 300 l (adjustable in 1 µl steps)
Capacitive probe with level and vertical obstruction detection
System interface – Analyser-PC: USB – PC-HOST: bi-directional TCP/IP and RS 232 – PC- Printer: USB
Operating system: Windows with touch screen and user-friendly interface
Database: Unlimited results
Warranty: 2 years parts & labour

Technical data
Ref : IBSLTD69