Famed gynaecological chair FG-04

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The mobile base seat with central frame locking makes it easy to move the seat around the cabinet, and the integrated electric actuators allow you to change and maintain the position precisely, without any effort on the part of the staff.

Electric adjustments

At the touch of a button on a console, you can arrange the chair in a Trendelenburg position, an entry/lowering position and program a chosen position. The electric adjustments also include: changing the position of the chair, adjusting the angle of inclination between the seat and the back. The chair can also be steered with the help of a foot pedal (optional).

The mobile system

The FG-04 has a mobile system that makes it easy to move the chair around a practice. The layout has a central blocking of the circles and the mobile layout gives the possibility of facing the patient.

A rich, standardised layout

A chair is fitted out with a stainless steel gynaecological capacity, a roll of paper placed on a handle in a container over a back and a slat of fixture in the seat and backrest.

A low position for customer convenience

The arrangement of the armchair, which is operated by a single button on a console, allows a very low position of a fraction of the front of the seat that lightens the sitting of the customer on it and a descent noticeably.

Length 1750 mm.
Overall width 745 mm.
Minimum height 560 mm.
Maximum height 1080 mm.
Backrest angle 65°.
Trendelenburg position 10°.
Anti-Trendelenburg position 65°.
Maximum load 200 kg.
Warranty: 2 years

Technical data

Ref : IBSLTD192