Gynaecological couch Medicare GP

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Gynecological couch Medicare GP – Electric

This gynecological couch offers electric positioning for gynecological procedures, as well as a full-length surface for most general prone and supine examinations.

  • Safe working load and lifting capacity of 240Kg.
  • Electric backrest with adjustable angle from horizontal to +80˚.
  • Crescent-shaped seat design.
  • Fully adjustable patient leg supports.
  • Equipped with debris tray and side support loops.
  • Equipped with paper roll holder.
  • Excellent height range from 52 cm to 106 cm.
  • Compact base with retractable wheel system.
  • Adjustable foot for greater stability on uneven floors.
  • Custom-made precision bearings on all pivot points.
  • Antibacterial powder-coated frame.
  • Trendelenburg electric tilt up to -15˚ o.

Other options available:

  • Without base cover.
  • With base cover.
  • Other colors available.

Technical data

Réf. MG3690

Warranty: 2 years