Haematocrit 200 centrifuge

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Hettich Germany


The HAEMATOKRIT 200 is a compact, high-performance centrifuge used to determine the percentage of volume occupied by erythrocytes in blood. It processes up to 24 capillary tubes per cycle at a maximum RCF of 16,060 and takes less than seven minutes to concentrate the cells to the maximum.
The rotor cover, which also serves as a reading disc, makes it easy to read the haematocrit determined after sedimentation.

Small benchtop centrifuge for haematocrit determination
Accessories for this centrifuge include a haematocrit rotor for 24 standard capillaries and a disc rotor for 20 capillaries for quantitative buffy coat analysis. Both rotors are fitted with a lid.
Max capacity: 24 capillary tubes
Dimensions: 228 x 261 x 353 mm
Weight : 10 kg
(Price without rotor)

Warranty: 2 years

Technical sheet

Ref: IBSCG2005