Healthcare bed LE-13

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LE-13 electric medical tilt bed
Famed LE-13 is an electric bed for intensive care units (ICUs), whose construction is supported by three stable cylindrical columns. The bed is equipped with additional therapeutic functions and a set of sensors to enhance patient safety and medical care efficiency. It is durable, manufactured with antibacterial plastics and varnishes (pSilver™) and is equipped with easy-to-clean translucent X-ray segments.

Famed LE-13 offers lateral tilts for therapeutic stacking – they facilitate patient care and eliminate bothersome factors for medical staff (e.g. lifting heavier patients, spinal strains).

– selective, centralized locking of electrical functions from the central panel level,
– possibility of bed extension, – dual auto-regression function,
– central locking, fifth wheel and steering wheel,
– certified weighing system,
– HPL bed, X-ray transparent,
– cable housings and mechanisms for easy cleaning,
– backrest and footrest for cardiopulmonary resuscitation,
– hooks for physiological fluid bags,

– Length 2280 mm
– Overall width 990 mm
– Height adjustment 485 – 885 mm
– Backrest lift angle 70
– Femoral segment adjustment 43
– Trendelenburg position 15
– Anti-Trendelenburg position 13
– Maximum load 250 kg

Technical data

Warranty: 2 years

Ref. IBSLTD104