Horizontal Ultra Freezer ULCF 90

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Horizontal Ultra Freezer ULCF 90

The Evermed ULCF 90 horizontal ultra freezer is a cutting-edge storage solution designed for the rigorous demands of maintaining ultra-low temperatures for sensitive materials. Tailored for applications in research laboratories, medical facilities, and anywhere precise temperature control is critical, the ULCF 90 ensures the safety and integrity of your samples.

Key Features

  • LED Backlit Control Panel: The ULCF 90 is equipped with an intuitive, LED backlit control panel that simplifies the monitoring and adjusting of freezer settings. This feature enhances user experience by providing clear visibility and control, ensuring efficient operation and conservation of energy.
  • Audible and Visual Alarms: To safeguard the contents, the ULCF 90 incorporates both audible and visual alarms. These alarms are designed to notify users immediately of any critical changes in conditions, such as temperature deviations, guaranteeing the preservation and integrity of stored materials.


  • Ref: BCA900

The Evermed ULCF 90 horizontal ultra freezer combines sophisticated technology with user-centric features, offering a reliable and effective solution for long-term storage of critical samples and materials. Its robust design and comprehensive alarm system render it an invaluable resource for any institution that prioritizes the secure preservation of biological samples, pharmaceuticals, or other temperature-sensitive products.

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