I8-M120 Medical Incinerator

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Medical Incinerator i8-M120: Optimal Performance for Medical Waste

The i8-M120 stands out in our specialized “M” range of incinerators, specifically designed for efficient and environmentally friendly disposal of medical, clinical, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste. Equipped with a dedicated PLC control panel, a tertiary air fan, and enhanced insulation, this medium-capacity incinerator is ready to meet the challenges of the most diverse medical waste streams.

Advanced Features

  • Innovative Coating: Ensures heat retention while keeping the exterior cool to the touch for greater safety and hygiene control.
  • Secondary Chamber with Afterburner: Equipped with a 2-second retention time for additional elimination of harmful emissions, ensuring complete waste destruction.
  • Intuitive CE2 Control Panel: Simplifies operation with programmable temperature control for optimal combustion.
  • Energy Efficiency: Quick preheating and continuous high-temperature performance with low energy consumption.

Incineration Operation
Incineration converts waste into ashes, heat, and combustion gases by burning organic substances. The ashes, mainly inorganic, can be solid or powder. The generated heat can be used to produce hot water or hot air for various applications, while combustion gases are treated to minimize environmental impact before release.

Versatile Applications
Ideal for a variety of medical wastes thanks to its front-loading design and simple operation, the i8-M120 is perfectly suited for:

  • Type I to IV pathological waste
  • Infectious “red bags”
  • Surgical dressings, plastic analysis devices and equipment
  • Vials, syringes, yellow bags, bandages, gauze
  • Covid PPE waste
  • Expired pharmaceutical waste

Technical Sheet

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