I8-M15 Medical Incinerator

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Medical Incinerator I8-M15: A Compact Solution for Medical Waste Disposal

The I8-M15 incinerator stands at the pinnacle of efficiency within our medical incinerator range. Specifically designed to meet the needs of small medical facilities, this unit combines compactness with superior performance, ensuring environmentally friendly incineration through its controlled air system. Ideal for a variety of wastes, the I8-M15 offers a safe and efficient disposal solution.

Key Features

  • Compact & Powerful: The smallest in our range, designed to maximize efficiency within a minimal footprint.
  • Controlled Air Incineration: Ensures optimal combustion conditions for efficient medical waste destruction.
  • Optimized Design: Features a front-loading door, internal grates for easy handling, and a sleek aesthetic suitable for medical environments.

Technical Specifications

  • Reinforced Coretex Insulation: Optimal heat retention for efficient combustion and increased durability.
  • Multi-Zone Temperature Control: Precise settings for optimal combustion at various stages.
  • Mobility: Options available to facilitate movement and installation as needed.
  • CE2 Advanced Control Panel: An intuitive interface for simplified incineration control.
  • Removable Combustion Grate: Eases cleaning and maintenance, extending the device’s lifespan.


Perfect for a wide range of facilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Dental and cosmetic clinics
  • Blood banks and collection centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Disease control centers
  • Medical establishments up to 150 beds

Quality Commitment

  • 10-Year Warranty: A promise of durability and performance.
  • Model: I8-M15
  • Capacity: Low, optimized for small establishments
  • Secondary Chamber: Features post-combustion to reduce emissions

Technical Sheet

Ref: I8-M15