I8-M20 Medical Incinerator

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Advanced Medical Incinerator I8-M20: Performance and Versatility

The I8-M20 model stands at the forefront of our medical incinerator range, incorporating technological innovations for optimal medical waste management. With its compact design, this device is ideal for use in various medical contexts, offering efficiency and environmental compliance.

Technological Advances

  • Tertiary Air Fan: Significantly enhances combustion performance, reducing harmful emissions.
  • Enhanced Coretex Insulation: Ensures maximum heat retention for superior energy efficiency.
  • Advanced CE2-VFD Control Panel: Allows precise adjustment of parameters for a variety of wastes, ensuring optimal combustion.

The I8-M20 is the first in our specialized “M” series, specifically designed for the safe and efficient disposal of medical, clinical, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste. Its secondary chamber equipped with afterburning ensures almost total elimination of emissions, with an extended retention time of 2 seconds for increased decontamination.

Key Features

  • Multi-Zone Temperature Control: Versatility for various types of waste with precise combustion management.
  • Mobility: Ease of movement and installation thanks to available mobile options.
  • Tertiary Air Control: Optimization of combustion efficiency and emission reduction.

Ideal Applications
Designed for a wide range of medical environments, including:

  • Medical laboratories
  • Dental and cosmetic clinics
  • Blood banks and collection centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Medical facilities up to 150 beds

Technical Sheet

Ref: I8-M20