I8-M200 Medical Incinerator

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Medical Incinerator i8-M200: High Capacity in a Compact Design

The i8-M200 strikes the perfect balance between high capacity and compact design, delivering impressive combustion performance for facilities managing large volumes of waste. Engineered for transportation in a standard 20-foot container, this model combines ease of installation with maximum efficiency.

Advanced Design and Performance

  • Top Loading with Large Opening: Facilitates easy handling of bulky waste, increasing usage flexibility.
  • Secondary Chamber with Afterburner: Ensures effective neutralization of harmful emissions with a 2-second retention time, making this incinerator ideal for various types of medical waste.

Customization and Accessories

  • Customizable Exterior Coating and Automatic Loading: Provides a solution tailored to the specific needs of each industry, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Available Accessories: Includes automatic loaders and pollution control systems for even more efficient and environmentally friendly waste management.

Integrated Technologies

  • Enhanced Coretex Insulation: Ensures excellent heat retention for more efficient combustion and reduced energy consumption.
  • Multi-Zone Temperature Control: Allows precise adaptation to different types of waste, ensuring optimal incineration.
  • Advanced CE4-VFD Control Panel: Offers superior control and ease of use to manage combustion parameters.
  • Tertiary Air Control: Further improves combustion and minimizes pollutant emissions.

Versatile Applications
The i8-M200 is particularly suited for:

  • Medical laboratories
  • General medical waste management
  • Infirmeries and hospitals
  • Medical facilities with fewer than 400 beds
  • Specialized medical waste collection services
  • Two engine types: Diesel or Gas (Please consult us)

Technical Sheet

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