I8-M250 Medical Incinerator

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Medical Incinerator i8-M250: Capacity and Efficiency for High Demand Needs

The i8-M250 stands as the most advanced system within our mid-range line-up, delivering impressive capacity and the ability to conduct significant continuous incinerations. Designed for maximum efficiency while remaining compact, it perfectly meets the demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Key Features

  • Top Loading with Large Opening: Facilitates the insertion of bulky medical waste, optimizing the incineration process.
  • Secondary Chamber with Afterburner: Ensures the elimination of harmful emissions with a 2-second retention time, guaranteeing clean and environmentally respectful incineration.
  • Customization Options: Offers the ability to equip the incinerator with viewing windows, an external coating, and an automatic loading system, for adaptation to the specific needs of each facility.

On-Site Incineration Benefits

  • Cost Reduction: Eliminates the need to transport waste to distant disposal sites, offering a quick and cost-effective solution.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Engineered to meet strict emission standards, ensuring smokeless and odor-free operation.

Technology and Performance

  • CE4 Control Panel: An intuitive user interface for precise and easy control of temperature and incineration cycles.
  • Energy Efficiency: Quick preheating and continuous high-temperature performance with reduced energy consumption.

Incineration Process Incineration transforms waste into ashes, heat, and combustion gases by burning organic substances contained in materials. The generated heat can be harnessed for heating or cleaning, while the remaining combustion gases are treated to minimize environmental impact.

Versatile Applications The i8-M250 is ideal for a wide range of medical waste:

  • Type I to IV pathological waste
  • Infectious “red bags”, surgical dressings, plastic testing devices
  • Vials, syringes, yellow bags, bandages, gauze
  • Covid PPE waste
  • Expired pharmaceutical waste

Technical Sheet

Model: i8-M250