I8-M70 Medical Incinerator

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Medical Incinerator i8-M70: Performance and Capacity for Medium to Large Facilities

The i8-M70 model, a mid-range medical incinerator, is specifically designed to meet the high-capacity waste disposal needs of medical facilities, including the incineration of bulky items. Building on the success of the i8-M50 model, the i8-M70 introduces significant improvements in capacity and performance.

Advanced Design

  • Large Loading Door: Makes it easier to incinerate large items, thereby increasing the versatility and efficiency of the device.
  • Optimized Primary Chamber: Enables effective management of all types of medical waste, providing a comprehensive disposal solution.

High-Performance Technologies

  • Advanced CE2-VFD Control Panel: Ensures precise and easy control of incineration processes for maximum adaptability.
  • Type I.D. Fan: Enhances combustion performance, contributing to a significant reduction in emissions.
  • Enhanced Coretex Insulation: Guarantees optimal heat retention, resulting in superior energy efficiency.

Exceptional Features

  • Multi-Zone Temperature Control: Offers flexible and efficient combustion management suited to various types of waste.
  • Mobile Options: Allow for flexible deployment and installation within the facility, meeting the specific needs of each context.
  • Tertiary Air Control: Ensures cleaner combustion and further reduction of harmful emissions.

Extended Applications Ideal for a wide range of medical establishments, the i8-M70 is particularly suited for:

  • Dental and cosmetic clinics
  • Blood banks and collection centers
  • Medical facilities up to 250 beds
  • Medical facilities capable of accommodating up to 400 beds
  • Two engine types: Diesel or Gas (Please consult us)

Technical Sheet

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