I8-M80 Medical Incinerator

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Medical Incinerator I8-M80: Advanced Solution for Medical Waste Disposal

The I8-M80 emerges as an advanced solution engineered to efficiently process a wide variety of medical waste. Utilizing a controlled air incineration system, it ensures optimal combustion suitable for all types of waste while providing excellent liquid retention thanks to its front-loading design.

Innovative Features

  • Front-Loading Design: Simplifies the incineration operation and ensures effective liquid retention, thereby enhancing safety and cleanliness.
  • Cylindrical Combustion Chambers: Optimize heat distribution for a more efficient and uniform waste combustion.
  • Integrated ID Fan: Enhances air circulation and combustion, while reducing pollutant emissions.
  • Clinical Exterior Design: Ensures the device seamlessly integrates into a medical environment, combining functionality and aesthetics.

Technology and Performance

  • Advanced CE2-VFD Control Panel: Allows precise combustion adjustment based on different types of waste, ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • Secondary Chamber with Gas Residence Afterburner: Guarantees complete elimination of harmful emissions, meeting the strictest environmental standards.
  • Enhanced Coretex Insulation: Provides superior heat retention, reducing energy consumption and increasing overall efficiency.

Flexibility and Applications The I8-M80 is ideal for a broad range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Medical laboratories
  • Dental and cosmetic clinics
  • Blood banks and collection centers
  • Disease control centers
  • Medical facilities capable of accommodating up to 500 beds

Additional Benefits

  • Mobile Options: Offer installation flexibility and facilitate unit movement as needed.
  • Rear Access Door: Simplifies maintenance and cleaning, extending the device’s lifespan and ensuring consistent performance.
  • Two Engine Types: Diesel or Gas (Please consult us)

Technical Sheet

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