Infusion pump SPN 58

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SPN 58 is a single-channel syringe pump with 2 LCD screens. Thanks to its simple, clear user interface, this device is easy to handle and operate. Its stability and high quality make it appreciated worldwide.


Circulation rate:
Syringe 0.1~1500 mL/h 50 mL
Syringe 0.1~900 mL/h 30 mL
Syringe 0.1~600 mL/h 20 mL
Syringe 0.1~400 mL/h 10mL
Emptying rate:
Syringe 1500 mL/h 50mL
Syringe 900 mL/h 30mL
Syringe 600 mL/h 20 mL
Syringe 400 m/L h 10mL
Delivery volume display range 0.1~9999 mL
High-definition OLED display and brightness
Delivery limit setting 1~9999 mL
Internal NiMH battery: DC12V
Continuous battery operating time over 4 hours for double channel at 5 mL/h flow rate
IP 32 tightness level
10, 20, 30, 30, 50 mL calibrated syringes

Body weight mode input
Automatic syringe calibration
Automatic syringe size identification
3-level occlusion alarm limits
Automatically reduces impact dose release after occlusion
Delivery volume request
KVO flow rate (0.1-1.0mL/h adjustable)
Multi-directional clamp for horizontal or vertical mounting
Operating error request
Quick speed control
Purge” button to activate safety protection
Flow adjustment knob lock
Abundant audible and visual alarms
AC and internal power supply indication
Standard RS232 interface
1000 recordings stored in memory

Empty syringe
Syringe displaced
Piston/clutch disengaged
Battery low
Battery depleted
Power cable disconnected
Flux above limit
Volume limit exceeded
System error
Stopping time at end of operation
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor

Download : Data sheet

Ref : IBSLTD18