Inventis middle ear analyser

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Middle ear analyser Inventis mod. Flute

Flute represents the evolution of the middle ear diagnostic analyser, offering a powerful combination of speed, reliability and versatility. This device performs remarkably fast and accurate automatic sequences of tympanometry, reflex threshold, reflex and reflex decay tests, including ETF and high-frequency tympanometry.

Its exceptional versatility, combined with a user-friendly interface, advanced features and compact design, make it the preferred choice for a wide range of users, from audiologists to clinics and hospitals.

Flute’s automatic test sequences significantly speed up middle ear assessments thanks to algorithms specially designed to optimise the speed of tympanometry and acoustic reflex tests.

Using state-of-the-art hardware technology, Flute incorporates an innovative pump to ensure a continuous flow of air, while its finely engineered probe is housed in an incredibly lightweight casing weighing just 2kg.

Flute’s metal probe is lightweight, robust and easy to dismantle, making it quick and easy to clean and maintain. Connected to the small control box, it allows precise selection of the ear to be examined, making it easy to start the examination.

In short, Flute redefines the standards for middle ear diagnostic analysers, delivering exceptional performance in a compact format, and guaranteeing uncompromising accuracy and efficiency for hearing healthcare professionals.

Warranty: 2 years

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