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ATA Medical


ATA has developed a “room in the room” solution for the close protection of patients with severe pathologies (severe aplasia, post-transplant, etc.).

It is fitted with a DOPAIR or DOPAIR 2000, mobile air purification solutions using high-performance filtration and air purification for high-risk areas in hospitals.

ISOLAIR is the only device on the market that combines the following features:

– Positive pressure for mechanical air renewal
– ISO5 particle cleanliness class
– Particulate decontamination kinetics of less than 5 minutes-CP5
– Microbiological cleanliness class M1 (1 CFU/m3)
– Reduced ambient pollution The ISOLAIR insulation tent can be set up in an hour, providing considerable flexibility and ergonomics on site.

Thanks to its easy-to-clean 50/100 crystal PVC panels, ISOLAIR offers a wide protective environment for patients, and helps reduce the anxiety associated with feelings of confinement. Access for medical staff is also very easy.

Its 29′ TV and LED backlighting system also provide all the comfort necessary for patient well-being.

The DOPAIR air handling units and the isolation tent comply with the performance levels required to achieve ISO 5 inside the protected area and ISO 7 outside. This ensures maximum patient protection despite the risk of external contamination.

Maximum CADR: 2000 m3/h
Filtration technology: G4 + F7 + H14
Decontamination technology: Bioxigen®.
7″ LCD touch screen
Control of all parameters (operating modes, filter status)
Password access for control and maintenance
Isolation tent equipped with :
White epoxy steel frame 50×50 mm
30/100 PVC crystal
4 360° swivel wheels with brakes
Diffusion of clean air through perforated white fabric with antimicrobial treatment
Diffusion of clean air into the room outside the tent
Warranty: 2 years

Technical sheet

Ref : IBSLTD300