Laboratory freezer with glass door LFG 1365

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Introduce a new era of security and management with our innovative Tactile Control Panel featuring a 7-inch touch screen. Offering an intuitive and secure interface thanks to its password function, this panel ensures that only authorised users can access vital information.

With the ability to easily download data to USB, you can now manage your data simply and efficiently, ensuring seamless management of your systems.

Never let a power cut disrupt the security of your premises. Our Control Panel is equipped with a reliable battery back-up, ensuring uninterrupted alarm management for continuous protection.

Be alerted instantly in the event of an emergency with our audible and visual alarms, so you can react quickly to any critical situation. What’s more, the built-in WiFi connection offers convenient and secure remote monitoring, so you can keep an eye on your systems wherever you are.

Opt for peace of mind and optimum security with our Touch Control Panel, the all-in-one solution for efficient and secure management of your facilities.

Technical specifications :

  • Temperature: -5°C / -20°C
  • Refrigeration type: Forced ventilation
  • Climate class: +16°C / +32°C (N)
  • Gross capacity (litres) : 1500
  • Net capacity (litres) : 1365
  • External dimensions (W x D x H mm) : 1500 x 870 x 2080
  • Packaging dimensions (W x D x H mm) : 1560 x 940 x 2240

Ref : AQN651T