Refrigerator/freezer combination LCRR 625

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Laboratory Refrigerator

Structure: Upright model, made of A1SMA white non-toxic plastic-coated steel sheet both inside and outside. The storage chamber is horizontally divided into two completely independent and insulated compartments. The upper part houses the refrigerator compartment and the lower part contains the freezer compartment. The corners of the chambers are rounded to facilitate cleaning operations. The bottoms are shaped like a basin to contain any liquids.
Insulation: Achieved with high-density expanded polyurethane (40 Kg/m^3) with a thickness of 50 mm. Free of CFC and HCFC.
Rollers: N. 4, made of antistatic plastic material, to facilitate moving operations.
Insulated Doors: N. 2 hinged doors, stacked, made with the same material and insulation as the overall structure (non-toxic white A1SMA plastic-coated steel sheet). The doors have a magnetic seal on all 4 sides, ensuring a perfectly airtight closure, heated to prevent icing, and mounted flush for easy replacement. The doors are reversible to change the opening direction. The handle is integrated into the door thickness and does not increase the depth of the device. The door is equipped with an automatic closing device for openings less than…
Freezer Compartment:

  • Backlit LED control panel
  • Temperature display resolution of 0.1°C
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Dry contact for remote alarm signaling
    Warranty: 2 years

Transport Specifics
Packaging: Included, in cardboard on a pallet. Wooden crate packaging is recommended for air and sea transport to protect the devices during transshipment.
Manuals: Included with each device in Italian/English/French.

Technical data sheet

Réf: AMG252L