Laminar flow ceiling light

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ATA medical

ATA filter ceilings provide effective protection against contamination and are designed for use in operating theatres to achieve ISO 5 room classification. They create a clean zone around the patient, medical staff and equipment.

ATA laminar ceilings are mainly used with our Clinicair range of air handling units – which offer up to one year of HEPA 14 filter life thanks to this 100{01e3c5e93231d16e008ef94f2b1d6fd0127ff363a7cc717001d1444d838f865e} hygiene system.

Our ceilings can also be used with air handling units from other manufacturers.


Available in different rectangular sizes to suit all types of rooms
Easy installation and replacement of filters
Central passage for operating lights
ATA Medical advantages:

Integrated LED lighting
Taut fabric for more uniform air distribution
Integrated Bioxigen system for the destruction of micro-organisms
PGD Touch wall-mounted control panel with numerous Clinicair cabinet parameters
2-year parts and labour warranty

Technical sheet

Ref : IBSLTD200