Laura XL Analyzer

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Erba Diagnostic

Laura XL – fully automated urine analyzer

The Laura XL is a fully automated urine analyzer, combining urine strip reading and digital microscopy. Launched in 2019, it is part of Erba Mannheim’s Vertex diagnostics range, designed for medium-sized to large laboratories. The integrated two-module station consists of a module that performs analysis of urine chemical parameters on diagnostic strips using reflective photometry; and a module that performs examination of urine sediments using automated microscopy technology in a format compatible with manual microscopy.

Up to 125 – 160 tests/h
Reusable cuvettes
Small footprint – 943×675 mm
Complete analysis from 0.9 ml urine

Fully automated processing
3 operating modes
10 chemical parameters
16 sedimentation categories
Active moisture protection

Simple user interface
LIS connectivity
Scheduled automatic maintenance

2-year warranty

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