LUXOmatic V2

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Maximum blood product yield, reduced risks

Low erythrocyte hemolysis, high hemoglobin recovery in all applications
High-quality separation of plasma and thrombocytes
Designed to obtain low-volume buffy coats with maximum thrombocyte recovery
Perfect solution for standardization of all blood products
The most impressive time savings

Plasma separation into top/top bags in 50 seconds, excellent quality results
Top/bottom pouches in 1.5 – 3 minutes
Functionality integrated with outstanding design to optimize workflow
Innovative design

Two separation points in one unit
The most efficient space saving
Ergonomic and advantageous structure
– Clear color display

– Animated guides, no language barrier.

– Pleasant to use, complete process monitoring.

– Visual explanation of alarms.

Technical data

Ref : IBSLTD135