High-end blood separator with motor-driven plates, touchscreen and integrated barcode reader

Clear color display. Animated guides, no language barriers.

Pleasant to use, complete process tracking. Visual explanation of alarms.

Maximum yield of blood products, reduced risks

Low erythrocyte hemolysis, high hemoglobin recovery in all applications.
High-quality plasma and thrombocyte separation
Designed to obtain low-volume buffy coats with maximum thrombocyte recovery
Perfect solution for standardization of all blood products
The most impressive time savings

Plasma separation into top/top bags in 50 seconds, excellent quality results
Top/bottom pouches in 1.5 – 3 minutes
Functionality integrated with outstanding design to optimize workflow
Innovative design

Two separation points in one unit
The most efficient space saving
Ergonomic and advantageous structure
Technical data

Ref: IBSLTD134