Medical Autoclave – 18 litres – E6

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Euronda E6 Class B Autoclave – 18 Liters: Advanced Technology for Medical Sterilization

The Euronda E6 autoclave, with an 18-liter capacity, stands at the pinnacle of medical sterilization innovation. Specifically designed for the demanding needs of dermatology clinics and other medical specialties, the E6 combines efficiency, reliability, and a modern design.

Main Features:

  • Capacity: 18 liters, equipped with 5 trays for the sterilization of surgical instruments.
  • Euronda Pro System Technology: Provides sterilization suited for any type of medical office thanks to its cutting-edge technology.
  • Increased Reliability: Features advanced control systems and leading-edge functions ensuring reliable sterilization in the long term.
  • Optimized Performance: Powerful and smart, the E6 adjusts consumption and cycle duration based on the load for maximum efficiency.
  • Ergonomics: Square design for easy installation and use, aimed at optimizing space and simplifying the daily routines of users.
  • Complete Traceability: Expandable system via SD card, with the option to connect to a Print Set 1 printer for accurate documentation of sterilization cycles.
  • Modern Design: Compact and essential, it combines functionality and aesthetics to fit perfectly in any medical environment.
  • Specifications:

Warranty: 2 years

Ref: AUTOC02