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Practical, easy-to-use equipment is absolutely essential for effective help.

With this device, you won’t waste a single second. The compact defibrillator monitor can be quickly taken to the emergency site, and has all the functions you need for patient monitoring and advanced diagnosis. It also assists you if it’s necessary to administer a shock to the patient.

MEDUCORE Standard² monitor/defibrillator for semi-automatic defibrillation, 6-derivation ECG monitoring, non-invasive blood pressure measurement and pulse oximetry, with protective bag and carrying case

Consisting of the following main components:

1. MEDUCORE Standard²
1. Adult defibrillation electrodes (WM 45418)
1. ERC ECG cable, 2 m (WM 45451)
1. Separators for ECG cable (WM 45450)
50 Adult and child ECG electrodes (WM 45201)
1. Pulse oximetry sensor (SoftTip®), size M, reusable (WM 45432)
1. Pulse oximetry connection cable WM45430
1. NIBP cuff, adult, arm circumference 23 to 33 cm, reusable (WM 45463)
1. NIBP cuff connector hose, 2m(WM45481)
1. Battery pack (WM 45045)
1. Source cable (WM 45397)
1. Functional test resistor (WM 45428)
1. SD card, 32 GB (WM 39510)
1. Protective carrying bag (WM 45490)
1. Adapter for carrying bag (WM 9714)


NIBP cuff, for adult plus, for arm circumference from 28 to 40 cm, reusable (1)
NIBP cuff, for large adult plus, for arm circumference from 40 to 55 cm, reusable (1)
Set of 5 ear clip sensor clamps (1)

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

Ref : IBSLTD147