meX +100 portable X-ray radiograph (Human)

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medical ECONET

The meX+100 is the most powerful model in the series. Exposure times can be reduced to a minimum to minimize the risk of blurred images due to movement.

High-performance capacitors for stable, reliable power supply
Shortest exposure times thanks to 5 kW, 110 kV / 100 mA
750 memory locations for kV and mAs
Reversible 7-segment LED readout, light and laser remote control function

Technical details:

Tube volume/current: 110 kV / 100 mA
mAs range: 0.1 mAs – 100 mAs 40 steps
Max. output: 5.0 kW at 75 kV
Focal spot: 1.5 mm
Lamp: LED
Distance laser: double laser
kV / mAs presets: 330 APR
Weight: 19.6 kg

Technical data