Mobile radiography system Xenox M100 Plus

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The Xenox M100 is a fully digital, motorized mobile X-ray unit with an amorphous silicon flat screen. The Xenox M100’s stable, high-frequency operating technology provides the stability needed to generate rectangular waves for improved tube penetration. The tube and main unit are protected against excessive temperature by a safety circuit that constantly monitors the tube’s thermal capacity.

Super performance


  • HSO technology (High Frequency Steady-State technology)

Thanks to advanced high-frequency stable operation technology, the generator produces a stable rectangular wave, and the tube delivers high penetration and high-quality X-rays.

  • IOP technology (Intelligent Overload Protection)
    The tube overload protection circuit constantly monitors the excess thermal capacity of the X-ray tube to protect the tube and the CPU.
  • Precise exposure alarm technology
    When the operator completes a precise exposure or sets incompatible exposure parameters, the audible signal is triggered and immediately displayed on the central unit.


The Xenox M100 is a mobile digital radiography system featuring digital FPD technology and fast digital image display on the control screen. It enables uninterrupted daily workflow – no cassettes, no waiting time for cooling or detector recharging. The unique touch screen makes it easy to control the desired examination. Compared with the analog unit, filmless digital images are displayed on the touch screen immediately after exposure.


In addition, the Xenox M100 offers direct operation of basic image processing, such as contrast and brightness adjustment, contour enhancement and more. After exposure, images can be processed automatically with the self-installed software. Compared to the analog device, no re-exposure is required if labels or other parameters are missing.


The Xenox M100 offers you faster, optimized clinical service. Thanks to its compact design, exceptional imaging power and easy maneuverability and positioning ensured by a dual motor, the Xenox M100 gives you more digital advantages and allows you to make 240 exposures on a single battery charge.


WIFI connection
Amorphous silicon flat-panel technology
Dual display interface (VGA/DVI)
2 USB sockets
Wired network interface
Four-button release button design
Dual motors
Adequate control of left and right drive wheel
19″ touch screen
500 GB hard disk capacity
Windows operating system
Dicom 3.0 interface for PACS or HIS

32 kW power rating for broad clinical applications
Telescopic arm for different X-ray positions
Ergonomic workstation with 19″ touch screen
Advanced APR function
Advanced WIFI amorphous silicon flat-panel technology
240 exposures on a single battery charge
Fast imaging at the patient’s bedside
Automatic image processing
Multiple peripherals including USB, DICOM
Advanced image quality
Advanced anti-collision design
2-year parts and labor warranty

Technical data

Ref. IBSLTD156