Monitor/defibrillator LIFEPAK 15

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Stryker / Physio Control

A device designed by professionals, for professionals

Proven clinical performance

Benefit from progressive energy up to 360 J, which helps improve conversion rates for difficult to defibrillate patients. It’s proven!1-4 Help improve STEMI care with the University of Glasgow ECG analysis programme and ST segment trend monitoring, which continuously monitors all 12 leads and alerts you to any changes.

Work efficiently

With intuitive controls, dual batteries and a large 21.3cm anti-glare colour display that can be contrasted at the touch of a button, LIFEPAK 15 helps you work more efficiently so you can stay focused on your patients.

LIFEPAK TOUGH durability

With twelve enhanced durability features over the previous generation of LIFEPAK devices, LIFEPAK 15 becomes our toughest device, designed to withstand extreme drops, shocks and vibrations.

Continuous improvement in team response and results

The LIFENET system connects LIFEPAK 15 via the cloud to transmit patient data to the hospital. It also facilitates the documentation of information, activates the care team for emergencies and provides crucial information to continuously improve performance.

Simple device management and maintenance

Helps ensure the device is always ready for use, with two reliable batteries. A daily self-test alerts you to potential problems before they occur in the field. Easily check if the device is ready and in good condition with the LIFENET Asset management system.

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