MS55 Plus digital Doppler with 22″ or 24″ medical monitor

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Medisono’s MS55 Plus revolutionises everyday medical practice by integrating cutting-edge technologies for unrivalled performance and ease of use. As the latest addition to the range, it benefits from advanced technologies such as traditional layer, single crystal and multi-frequency, offering high-end functionality for general imaging, cardiology and obstetrics/gynaecology.

The system is designed to keep pace with technological advances thanks to its dedicated software, enabling quick and easy upgrades to stay at the cutting edge of efficiency and performance. Ergonomic adjustments to the height and orientation of the keyboard and the high-resolution LED screen (22″/24″) ensure optimum user comfort.

The innovation of the keyboard, which groups together the essential functions of the routing examination, combined with the 13″ touch screen for more complex tasks, promotes a fluid and complete workflow. What’s more, features such as advanced image quality, CFM sensitivity, quantification and interventional technologies in standard configuration maximise return on investment while delivering state-of-the-art medical care.

The MS55 Plus represents a modern and adaptable solution to meet ever-changing clinical needs, marking a new era in advanced medical imaging.


  • Convex array transducer MODEL: C1-6 (single crystal) – Radius of curvature: 50mm Frequency range: 1.0-8.0MHz
  • Linear probe Model: PB- 12L-B (3-17MHz) – (complete composite crystal) BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Endocavity MODEL: PB-6V3, 3-15MHz BRAND: MEDISONO
  • 4D convex probe MODEL: PB-VC6-2, 2-7MHz/R40mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Micro-convex array PB-C613, 4-13 MHz/ R14mm BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Phased array probe model: S1-5 (single crystal)
  • Linear probe model: PB- 12L-A (3-17MHz) – (full composite crystal) BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Transducer 9L-A Linear transducer Width of view: 35mm – Frequency range: 2.0-13.0MHz – (Full composite crystal)
  • Convex grating MODEL: PB-3CA, 1.0-7.0MHz BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Endocavity probe Model: PB-6V7 (3-15MHz) BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Endocavity probe Model: PB-6V3A (3-15MHz) BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Linear array (intraoperative) Model: PB-10I2 (4-16 MHz) BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Biplanar probe for urology Model PB- BCL10-5 (convex 3.9-11.3MHz/ R10mm & linear 6-16 MHZ/R60mm) BRAND: MEDISONO
  • Biplanar transducer (two convex) Radius of curvature: 10.2 mm Frequency range: 3.0-15.0MHz
  • C322 Interventional Micro-convex Array Transducer, Radius of curvature: 20mm, Frequency range: 2.0-7.0MHz
  • Transducer 4P-A Phased Array Transducer Field of view: 90°, Frequency range: 1.0-6.0MHz
  • Transducer 7P-A Phased Array Transducer Field of view: 90°, Frequency range: 2.0-9.0MHz
  • Transducer 8P1 Phased Array Transducer Field of view: 90°, Frequency range: 4.0-12.0MHz
  • VE9-5 Endocavity Volumetric Convex Array Transducer, Radius of curvature: 10.3mm, Freq. range: 3.0-13.0MHz
  • MPTEE phased array transducer, 4- 13 MHz BRAND:MEDISONO
  • CWD2.0 Pedoff Array Transducer (For Cardiac) Centre frequency: 2MHz

Additional accessories (Consult us)

  • Integrated battery for MEDISONO ultrasound trolley (must be installed at the factory)
  • External DVD player with USB interface
  • External freeze heater: two-stage temperature control – Must be configured prior to delivery
  • Endocavitary transducer support
  • Vaginal dilator (EDVS-L)
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Foot switch (USB interface)
  • Foot pedal (round interface)
  • Reusable biopsy guide
  • Needle holder
    Warranty: 1 year + 1 year extended warranty IBSGROUPE 

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