Multiparameter ECG monitor Macs 50

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Macs 50 multiparametric ECG monitor

Macs 50 is an advanced modular patient monitor capable of being used anywhere in a healthcare facility. The large 17″ color touch screen makes displaying patient data easy and efficient. The Macs 50 comes in standard configuration with the E- module, which enables continuous monitoring during patient transport.

All-in-one module with display and integrated battery
17″ anti-glare TFT-LCD color display
Powerful measurement, ergonomic and flexible design
Can be connected to a large independent display when multiple displays are required
Fanless cooling system keeps monitor running silently
Multi-screen, multi-interface display
Each screen can display user-defined parameters, ensuring real-time monitoring of all data
2-year parts and labor warranty

Download : Data Sheet

Ref : IBSLTD15