Non-Retractable Shepherd’s Glasses

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Comed Non-Retractable Shepherd’s Glasses

The Comed Non-Retractable Shepherd’s Glasses represent a precise and comfortable visualization accessory for professionals requiring magnification for precision work. Made with a fixed mineral glass lens, they offer exceptional image quality without the option to flip up the lens.

Technical Features

  • Lens Material: Mineral glass
  • Lens Position: Fixed, non-flip
  • Weight: Remarkably light at only 110g
  • Structure: Headband made of polyethylene-coated steel for optimal comfort, with a steel frame
  • Magnification: x2.5, for precise and detailed vision
  • Adjustment: Adjustable temples from 455 to 600mm for a personalized fit

Product Advantages

  • Comfort: The lightweight design and adjustable headband offer exceptional comfort, even during extended use.
  • Precision: The x2.5 magnification allows for detailed visualization for all kinds of precision activities.
  • Convenience: Easy to use and compact, ideal for professionals on the move.
  • Safety: While designed for safety and comfort, a caution is advised for users with sensitive skin due to the specific material of the headband.

Recommended Uses

  • Ideal for healthcare professionals, watchmakers, jewelers, or any activity requiring increased visual precision.

Usage Precautions

Caution for users with sensitive skin: Contact with the polyethylene-coated steel headband may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. The Comed Non-Retractable Shepherd’s Glasses are the ideal tool for those seeking a precision visualization solution that combines comfort, lightness, and performance.

Ref: SPEC251