Norma Icon-5 + Autoloader

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The Icon-5 is an intelligent 5-part haematology analyser that sets new standards in terms of features, functions and style. This iconic laboratory instrument combines cutting-edge technology with a fresh, elegant design. The Icon 5 uses laser-based flow cytometry with forward scattered light detection and volumetric impedance measurement. It provides a comprehensive 26-parameter blood cell count report including RBC and PLT histograms, as well as a 5-part WBC scatter diagram.

The only retrofittable autosampler on the market.

The Norma autoloader is an automatic sample vial loading device that provides improved workflow and time efficiency for your laboratory. The Autoloader is compatible with Icon-5 haematology analysers. What makes it unique is that it is the only adaptable autosampler on the IVD market today: you can also easily install it with existing Icon-5 analysers!

The Norma autoloader is suitable for medium-sized and large laboratories. It has a compact, space-saving size, similar to that of any Icon analyser, which can be invaluable to any laboratory anywhere in the world. Norma offers the autoloader with 2 interchangeable sample trays, each with a sample capacity of 50 vials, an integrated sample mixer and an integrated barcode reader . These features will help you achieve the continuous workflow your laboratory needs!

Warranty: 5 years

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Ref : NI50H-NICA