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The Icon-5 OP is Norma’s latest addition to its haematology product portfolio; an intelligent 5-component laser-based differential haematology analyser with open vial sampling option, which inherits the elegant and award-winning design of its predecessors. The Icon-5 OP provides a comprehensive 26-parameter blood cell count report including a 5-part WBC scatterplot, RBC and PLT histograms, using the following measurement technologies: l Forward scattered light method for white blood cell differentiation (WBC), volumetric impedance method for red blood cell detection (RBC) and photometric method for measuring haemoglobin levels (HGB).

The Icon-5 OP has been primarily designed for use in Point of Care (POC) environments, such as in intensive care units, emergency departments, GP offices, blood banks or even in mobile care units, as it not only has compact size, low reagent consumption and processing with a low sampling volume, but requires no weekly maintenance action from the user. The analyser’s open vial sampling also allows the user to obtain results from capillary samples, making it a potentially good choice for any clinic or paediatric department.

2-year parts and labour warranty.

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Ref : NO50H