OMS2350 Zumax® ENT microscope

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The Zumax® OMS2350 embodies the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and contemporary ENT requirements. Its ergonomic design and high-quality optics make it an essential instrument for modern practices.

Key features include an LED light source with an intensity control knob, offering optimum brightness to suit every need. Its 0-180-degree binocular tube and mechanical intra-pupillary distance adjustment guarantee personalised visual comfort.

The 12.5x magnifier and 6-level magnification changer (from 0.3 to 3) offer unrivalled flexibility, while the 250mm lens, with VARIODIST option for an extended field of view of up to 300mm, ensures precise, detailed vision. Adjustable side buttons and the option of fitting a central hand further enhance ergonomics, adapting perfectly to the user’s needs.

In addition, integrated yellow and green filters optimise the visibility of fabrics and composites by enhancing contrast, while LEDs offer significant advantages: lower energy consumption, longer life, greater robustness, and greater reliability and durability than traditional light sources such as halogen or xenon.

The German-made apochromatic lenses, with their multi-layer, anti-reflective coating, ensure optimum image quality, delivering exceptional clarity and sharpness for accurate and reliable diagnostics.

In short, the Zumax® OMS2350 is much more than just a tool. It’s a reliable, high-performance partner that meets the most stringent requirements of modern ENT practitioners.

2-year warranty

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